8 Reasons why not to Buy Oneplus 7 Pro.

Oneplus 7 Pro is the the most expensive flagship device from oneplus.

Disadvantages of Oneplus 7 Pro:

oneplus 7 pro
oneplus 7 pro front view

1. The 6gb RAM version cost Rs:48,999 ,8GB RAM cost Rs:52,999 and 12 GB RAM cost Rs:57999. It’s too Expensive Device from Oneplus and its your option to pay for that Device that much high Cost.

2. Oneplus 7 Pro comes with a pop up camera and its not great for Face Unlock and There are Possibilities non Repairability of it.

3. If you are a Music Freak then it wont work for you as it does not have a 3.5 mm jack and even company have not provided type C to 3.5 mm adapter inside the box and even not provided type C headphones.

4. It does not support wireless charging, The competitors of Oneplus 7 pro offers Wireless Charging .

5. The Mobile has no official waterproofing. Now a Days Waterproof Mobile is Minimum Requirement.

6. No 5th Generation Network. No integration of 5G Network in oneplus 7 Pro we dont know when 5G network may Arrive and Samsung and Huawei has Already Launched 5G Devices in the Market.

7. I am Happy With Cheap Oneplus 7 which has Same Specifications.

8.I am Afraid When the Oneplus 8 Launches???

These are the Disadvantages of Oneplus 7 pro there are Many Advantages of it Also.Why To Buy Only OnePlus 7 Pro.

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